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The Pit

2 Jul

Skillet Cornbread – sweet corn with topped with maple butter. (This has changed since visit.)

You may want to reconsider a bread-appetizer… you get this bountiful basket of hushpuppies & biscuit before your meal.

Double Combo – Carolina Style Ribs spareribs & Chopped Barbecue – (Eastern NC style) Sides: Cheese Grits &; Creamed Corn

This was an appetizer: Pit Sampler: Chopped Barbecue,Pulled Pork,Baby Back Ribs, Carolina Style Ribs spareribs, BBQ Turkey
Additional Sides: Mashed Potatoes w/Gravy & Mac&Cheese

The Pit Official Website

Mo’s Diner

13 Jun

Ambience:: Perfect for a date.

Vegetarian plate: squash, spinach, green beans, corn & mashed potatoes

Sauteed NC black grouper, lump crab & lemon butter


Please Stand By…

29 Apr

I’ll be back to blogging very soon!
Thanks for visiting!


Gigi’s Cupcakes

7 Mar

So much traffic into this cupcakery…Shocked.

Bigger Shock via website: It’s an incognito franchise!??? (But the product is pretty great, AH?)

GiGi’s Cupcakes


7 Mar

Pork Chop Bocconcini: Grilled bone-in pork chop, bocconcini of artichoke hearts, slow-roasted roma tomatoes, eggplant and fresh mozzarella, balsamic reduction. Served with olive oil whipped potatoes

Family Gravy: Pennette pasta, meatball, hot sausage, sweet sausage, veal braciole, Gravy, house-made ricotta.

Farfalle & Manchego Shrimp: Sherry-flambéed shrimp, sundried-tomato manchego butter, baby spinach [+added italian sausage]

Gravy Official Website


11 Feb



Jibarra Review to come…

Blue Corn Quesadilla: Adobo chicken breast, chorizo, mushrooms, peppers, onions, chihuahua cheese, blue corn tortilla

Carne Asada: Skirt steak, onion, cilantro, lime juice, & salsa ahogada

Jibarra Website


30 Nov

I’ve been gazing at Babylon’s fancy website for months…the amplitude of flash-off posh photos that portray a place of romanticized Moroccan style. In retrospect, my 2-dimensional tour was a fair portrayal of Babylon’s interior concepts — a place belonging in South Florida, with the square footage Raleigh can easily provide. What a courtyard entrance: viewing pool, heating lamps, outdoor bar, and wicker&white cushioned seating – the (black dress shirt) social scene potential is sky-high here. Babylon is housed in a “century old structure” with the top floors remaining vacant — I’m curious to see what arrives here.

I’ll admit we reserved a late dinner – clocking in at about 9:30, but save the house music until at least 10:30, Babs. We started with the Zaalook platter: a weird proportion of bread w/eggplant, olives and roasted peppers spreads. This appetizer was well-received amongst my fellow diners. A truly delicious trio of unique flavors; a somewhat misleading start to our Moroccan adventure.

Entrees included the Marrakesh Couscous (chicken lemon confit and seasonal vegetables) – I thought this entree was safe. I was anticipating to be blown away with exotic spices and flavors, but this was a standard chicken/veg plate. We also ordered Lamb Tagine (slow braised lamb shank, apricot prunes with a toasted almonds sauce) Note to self: “slow braised” is a NO for me… I had ordered a side of couscous, which only worsened my southern perception of bland stewed beef & rice… and again: no spice, no flavor??

For a posh evening out – Babylon could deliver some fancy fun reminiscent of SoFla diversity. All in all, I was distracted by the South Beach Cool and I’m unsure if I received an accurate Moroccan experience. WHERE’S THE SPICE????
This may be secondary to my initial confusion if this Dawson St. address would embody a Glenwood South vs. Downtown Raleigh repertoire… I think this particular case is obvious, and to each their own.

(Tangent: Have you been in trivia taxi? Bizarre dude’s take on Cash Cab.. no cash, just a potential free ride. We dug it.)

Babylon Official Website

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