10 Oct

If you are pro-downtown Raleigh revitalization – it’s only natural that you pay tribute to Sitti. Summary: Greg Hatem is the real estate guru responsible for the majority of downtown Raleigh’s transformation; Sitti Restaurant honors his Lebanese heritage and grandmother (‘Sitti’).

You’ve got two seating options here: (1) hustle & bustle of the minimalist interior room or (2) the tranquility of the outdoor open-sky courtyard. Really depends on your mood &/or your company. {Tip: Beware of the outdoor rocky table — I loathe a table that dips back & forth.}

We began with Sitti’s Hommos (chickpea/garlic/lemon/tahini purée) & an endless supply of freshly baked, still-puffed pita. Sitti’s pita was intensely good & unique because neither my dinner mate nor I had eaten oven fresh pita – note to selves: the grocery version fails miserably in comparison.

For dinner, I was a bit intimidated by the menu and my unfamiliarity with the traditional entrees. So I played it safe with the mixed kebobs. Fantastic decision: Flawlessly seasoned and grilled assortment of chicken, kafta (beef and lamb) and filet kabobs. The rice pilaf, vegetables, and garlic whip easily disappeared as well.

The only word to describe the food and experience is “perfect” or كمال. Hatem’s Sitti is surely proud.
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One Response to “Sitti”

  1. savvyblackbird October 11, 2011 at 3:41 pm #

    Oh, I have been looking for a Lebanese restaurant that had that delicious garlic whip–perfect on hot, fresh pitas. I can’t wait to try Sitti’s.

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