Market Restaurant

17 Sep

Let me first dispatch location – For two failed attempts, I assumed Market Restaurant (MR) resided inside City Market secondary to their shared Blount St. addresses. FYI for future patrons: This is totally incorrect– It’s on the north/opposite end of Blount St, located adjacent to the Escazu Artisan Chocolate store. Yeah, I didn’t do my research = transit glitch. Thanks to my directionally-advanced companion that noticed 938 N. Blount was nowhere near city market… we finally made it for lunch.

Once you know where you’re going, MR is actually an easy visit, especially with its own parking lot right outside (no parking deck fiasco, okay!). The entrance signage gestures that “West Coast” inspirations await indoors…
I dug it – with clean, fundamental interiors consisting of an exposed kitchen, cool bar/tables, and a chalkboard menu. I suppose it’s all characterizing the simplicity of the west coast and green living.

The menu: My guess is that a plate incorporating the illicit drug “Crack” in its name would certainly be a crowd favorite. So, we started with a mountain of Crack Fries (hand-cut potato, truffle oil, herbs, asiago cheese, homemade ketchup). This medley is surely addictive and deserving of its popularity.

(the only R.E. photo taken secondary to extreme hunger & good conversation)

I was aiming for a light lunch and ordered the turkey croissant (turkey, cheese, bacon on croissant w/ sweet potato chips). It was light in mass – but not calories… the combination of the too-buttery croissant and the too-fatty thick bacon left me feeling a bit guilty and needy for a napkin. The sweet potato chips were unique and enjoyable.
The market meat-loaf burger was also ordered. My lunch mate semi-frowned at the size of the burger patty, but was soon distracted with its satisfactory flavor. He substituted the side of fries with a salad, to learn that only vinaigrettes are available here.

Market Restaurant is prime spot, especially for lunch (tues-sat). Their menu is diverse and always changing. Check out their comprehensive website for menu updates and events (i.e. occasional Sunday brunch – which I plan to catch)

Market Restaurant Website

Market Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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