Capital Club 16

10 May

Impromptu visit into CC16’s early opened doors Saturday yielded a sure pleasure. CC16 is one of the most endearing establishments in downtown Raleigh – with tons of natural light and vintage decor… I felt like I was taking a rest in the sunroom of grandmother’s manor. In observance of the KY Derby, the staff was adorned in various hats and conducting charitable bets for victims of the recent tornado – only adding to the bubbly charm of this place. Hospitality comes naturally to these folks…with more than five staff members visiting our table to ensure we were content with our visit.

Looking back, I am a bit confused that I was directed to order off the chalk board menu, when CC16 has three full menus (brunch, lunch, dinner) – Perhaps I arrived during a transitional hour of sorts…but I’ll be back soon to test drive these comprehensive menus.

The Food: Pimento Cheese Spread w/ Fig Crostini… excuse me? Who thought of this … give them a hug.
We also tried some cucumber fanciness, which was basically an open-faced tea sandwich… and artfully prepared… I noticed the specificity of those pepper grains. Lastly, we carbed with Shanny Fries (cut potatoes + oil + rosemary w/triad of sauces) …CC16 can make some sophisticated spuds – eat them. For a light/bar eat, it was a success.

Menus are accessible on the CC16 website.. but for the most current info visit their Facebook page.
p.s. Late-night, I’ve passed by CC16 in transit to it’s neighbor King’s Barcade and noticed a large gathering inside – so it seems CC16 is a prime social spot as well.

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