Caffe’ Luna

10 May

It’s so refreshing to arrive at a reputable Italian restaurant and admire your surroundings. I say this because it seems Italian eateries use atrocious décor to prove authenticity a la fake ivory, short ceiling columns, and elementary wall murals of landscapes. Not the case with Caffe’ Luna – after a day of shopping, my dinner mate and I were actually intimidated to enter, as we feared we were underdressed. However, we soon learned that anything goes at Caffe’ Luna (CL). There were large formal dinner parties, as well as, casual families all dining under the same roof. The dining areas are large, tenderly lit rooms divided by a wall of refined archways – the perfect stage for a rehearsal dinner or intimate dinner party (which I later found out is available). Call me crazy; however, amid these subtle elegances, I was incredibly distracted by the soda cans on the tables? It may better preserve carbonation; however; it was an eyesore in such a graceful picture.
The Food: We started with the safe options of Mozzarella Fresca: caprese-style app which was fresh and delightful & the Insalata del Pastore – Crumbled Goat Cheese with Walnuts over Mesculin Greens: generously portioned, tasty salad. These items were of well-known flavors – nothing too inventive, but delicious.
Entrees included the Fantasia di Mare (black taglierini w/ diced grouper & shrimp tomato sauté) I’m pretty novice with seafood; however, I’m confident one needs to be a descendent of Poseidon to really embrace this dish. With squid-ink pasta, fish, and shrimp…personally, I was overawed by the ‘sea-full’ flavor. The Tortelli Crostacci (lobster/crab/prawn ravioli with cream sauce) was also ordered. How can you go wrong with a lobster & cream combination? – Definitely rich and delectable. In retrospect, I wish I had ordered the pasta marinara; mountainous plates of this enticing entrée were frequently exiting the kitchen.
Lastly, we opted for dessert and sampled the Tiramisu. In regards to tiramisu, my personal preference in ingredients is the usage of espresso vs. coffee liquor. It tastes fresher, and less artificial. Regardless, we polished the dessert plate.
Caffe’ Luna is a traditional restaurant in every sense of the word, conveying a memorable experience through beautiful décor and familiar Italian flavors.
FYI: Free parking available across the street for Caffe’ Luna patrons
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