15 Apr


Those gravely missed degrees have finally returned – what better way to celebrate than with a chilly treat, right?

Locally-praised LocoPops (LP) crafts gourmet frozen popsicles by “blending the traditions of Mexico with the flavors of the world,” according to the brand’s website. LP includes a triad of locations in Durham, Chapel Hill, & Raleigh, as well as, distribution to ten or so triangle restaurants, markets, etc. With such hip marketing and positive local buzz – I had to visit LP and try their product.

I guess I have a preconceived notion that any store showcasing a sugar-based product is going to be a hello kitty spin off concept… sugar, spice, and everything nice…and LP’s logo didn’t help dispel this expectation. Oh boy was I wrong. Without the sidewalk stand-alone sign, I would have thought it was a vacant property via the blank, dark windows. Walking inside – it only got more awkward… a large white room with a few tables, park benches, a big cooler, and a silent employee waiting for a sale. My companion expressed his mutual disappointment by stating that the vendors must be trying to run LP’s operation with as little overhead as possible… a la no interiors. Upside – they do get the kids involved — with pages of kiddie art tacked up.

But, let’s get to the reason why we came – the popsicles. Kid-size & Regular size options – My recommendation is to get the generous kid-size so you can sample a few flavors… ours included: Mexican Chocolate (choc+cinnamon, nutmeg, clove), Mango Chile (Mango+dash of chile pepper), and Cookies&Crème. The yummy, unique flavors are very literal – you’re going to taste what their name promises. Frozen is an understatement, with the water-based popsicles being much harder than the cream-based. But that’s the point – this ain’t icecream.

Conceptually, I dig it…really distinctive popsicle flavors that change weekly… however, I feel there would be more character in presentation if I bought it from a street side, umbrella-shaded stand vs. driving to a large cooler inside a white room. I did “fancy a culinary adventure” a la LP’s mission statement and got a truly tasty Popsicle – but sitting on an inept park bench inside a blank space. Overall, LP is a great product but with less than mediocre staging. I’ll be happy to purchase Locopops via satellite distribution or if in the area… but it’s not my afternoon destination.

Locopops on Urbanspoon

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