Escazu Artisan Chocolates

13 Apr


Escazu Artisan Chocolates (EAC) is a local chocolatier distributed amongst many local bars and eateries, in addition to having its own retail store/factory on N. Blount Street. As the wrapper states, these folks ensure excellence with each product being “handcrafted from bean to bar.” This dedication was acknowledged with locals voting EAC the Best Chocolate Confection in the Triangle via The Independent Weekly in 2010.

I have not ventured into the retail location; however, recently found an opportunity to sample their goods while visiting Raleigh’s fav basement bar. The on display was the “Beaufort Bar” (a name honoring EAC’s birthplace) composed of 65% Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt. Who doesn’t like a sweet & salty combo? I’m hesitant to eat dark chocolate, finding it usually too bitter for enjoyment. EAC’s version is a very rich, sweet chocolate with a muted salt component – I barely detected it without the occasional crunch of a salt grain. When I tasted EAC’s bar, I immediately pondered how this would taste in a cookie – Behold! (online)…they make cookies! Located in the retail store – I gotta try one of these. Other EAC bars include dark choc w/ chipotle chili, cocoa nibs, or roasted pumpkin seeds w/ guajillo chili. So you’ll get that rich chocolate with some flavorful texture. I’m intrigued!

Considering how enjoyable the chocolate bar is, I’m sure the other confections are equally delicious—expect an update… I think this is an assumption I’ll have to test, especially the hot chocolate mix.. mmm.
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