3 Apr


In a cupcake era, Piebird (PB) has the recipe for success…good mission, good location, good product. I dropped in Saturday to finally get a taste of the place with all this remarkable hype – it had 900 Facebook fans before the doors had officially opened?!

{Tangent:: What ironic timing for this store’s opening when 2 days earlier HBO airs the highly celebrated miniseries Mildred Pierce – a story of a restaurateur who opens a café based on her pie’s reputation… I loved the Kate Winslet-starred series, only deepening the craving to get inside PB’s doors}

The savory pies look and sound amazing; however, we visited with a sweet tooth initiative. We first ordered coffee to sip while deliberating over the several pies on the chalkboard – a wide assortment of fruit, chocolate, and molasses pies. We expected these coffees instantly; however, PB coffee is French pressed only. In my opinion, there should be a ready-brewed source of coffee, with the option of French press. This will assist in efficiently serving those walk-in/take-out orders. On the up-side, it definitely added character to the experience. We settled on a slice of the Tarheel (chocolate pecan), Rexie Had a Birthday Chocolate Cream, and Pie in Your Face Coconut Cream. OPULENCE! This isn’t a thaw & serve situation – these pies are of fresh, rich deliciousness. The Tarheel has lockjaw richness, for the serious chocolate consumer only. The Chocolate Cream is a bit more subtle, but satiates that sweet tooth just as well. The coconut cream pie is in the fridge awaiting sampling; however, if it tastes as good as it looks I’m sure to be smiling.

Service was very friendly and the usual newbie inefficiencies were present –nothing so devastating to deserve the unfair criticism written by other reviewers – it’ll work itself out soon. The mod motif & indie tunes successfully accentuate the cool character of this hip, family-friendly eatery.

I’ll definitely be coming back…


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2 Responses to “PieBird”

  1. Sandy April 4, 2011 at 3:01 am #

    The key to your success was sticking to the dessert pies. Piebird’s opening weeks troubles, and they were considerable, really had more to do with the savory pies. The chicken pie, in particular, had a crust that was too dry, and vegetables that were overcooked. The soup that came with the meal was not hot when served. And of course, if you were hoping for a sit-down experience, the consistent problem of not having prepared enough food for the day, running out of stock, and once you did order, having to wait for over an hour was really unacceptable.

    • Relevant Eats April 4, 2011 at 1:28 pm #

      Yikes Sandy. Sounds like the polar opposite experience. There was a bit of a wait Saturday afternoon – but it was typical/obvious kinks all new restaurants experience… i sat at the bar to get a ‘birds eye view’.. (lame joke attempt)
      I feel a lot of the negative experiences you and others are reporting are due to the hype this joint received weeks prior to opening…I really don’t think the folks at piebird expected nor could keep up with the traffic this weekend–double edged sword situation.
      I was surprised myself — during my 45min visit there was a party of 12 coming in to have an early dinner, walk-ins for to-go orders, children everywhere… and every seat already had a bottom in it? I once caught a glimpse of the kitchen during a door swing — saw a poor gal whipping cream as fast as she could… it was almost comical?! I just love PB’s concept — I will go back..probably in a couple of weeks to let these kinks work out. I hope you give it another spin and PB delivers on the level I received or better. Thanks for commenting!!

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