Raleigh Times Bar

26 Mar


Raleigh Times Bar (RTB) impressionably is the center of the universe, if that universe is downtown Raleigh. I came to this conclusion during Hopscotch Music Festival when RTB hosted its own unaffiliated, day-long block party and it resembled the festival itself. I’ve eaten many meals, as well as, kick-started or ended many late nights here.
Overall, it’s a really cool bar with a wide selection of beverages (beer/cocktail) and decent food.
I find it amusing there is a column on the menu entitled “Bar Food”…I feel all RTB entrees qualify as bar food.

Food Specifics:
The Grilled Cheddar, Avocado, & Tomato sandwich is crazy good, when toasted thoroughly (50/50 success). The Raleigh Times Burger is an award winning burger – my lunch mate verbally confirmed “this is the best burger I’ve ever eaten”…mid-bite. Pork Nachos/Loaded Fries are a late night favorite amongst the friends. The pork was once provided by the Pit – I’ve noticed this info is no longer highlighted on the menu… mystery BBQ? Prime-Rib French Dip doesn’t disappoint. Be sure to try the tasty house cut chips with their garlic ranch.
The Crunchy Chicken Tacos are not good, according to one truly dissatisfied tex-mex fanatical lunch-mate. The Fish & Chips basket is a sad attempt at a Brit classic – good beer battering, but too greasy & perhaps frozen?

I’ve shared Sangria carafes and RTB has a delicious recipe. They also take great pride in their extensive beer collection, and keep fans up-to-date via Facebook regarding arriving & departing beers.

Overall, RTB is more of a good time than a good restaurant… but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

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