Busy Bee Cafe’

23 Mar


First thing’s first – Holy Air Conditioning!  The management at Busy Bee Café’ (BBC) cannot be too concerned about their electricity bill.  Two out of two visits, my lunch mate(s) & I were super chilly – Bring a coat/sweater.  However, this should not deter you from entering; BBC is certainly admirable.  I’ve only sampled the lunch menu – and it has revealed itself a prime lunch spot.  The simplicity of the food delivers a truly “clean” flavor, and the chefs use majority local ingredients in a successful effort to spotlight the talents of the triangle/NC.

Specifics:   My first visit to this place was for a rest/caffeine fueling during Hopscotch Festival – coffee wasn’t too bad.  This was followed by a brief sit upstairs on the Hive patio–very cool space, especially at night where you can sit amongst the city skyline.

My first food visit occurred during strict vegetarianism – the waitress made no fuss to substitute a burger entrée with an abundance of fried green tomatoes–which where of grade A+ crispy recipe.  The sandwich rolls are supplied by a local Raleigh bakery, which I have regretfully forgotten the name – but they were ridiculous…I wanted a stock for home.  Added a baby green salad which follows the “clean” flavor I previously mentioned.

Second trip required no dietary restrictions–and the table’s entrées included: Grilled Chicken Sandwich (medley of pear/honey/basil…godlike?) “Hot” Ham Sandwich (hot = jalapenos), Chicken Philly (visually looked like veg-potpourri, fun to look at & eat).  All of these plates were tasty and I’d order them again…for lunch.  The dinner menu has ‘large plates’ that have a soulful/southern flare.  Also, their noteworthy beer collection is pretty extensive, again spotlighting local brews – you can buy a ‘growler’ and take a  1/2 gallon home with you (unique!).  With the addition of the BBC iphone App, it seems BBC is a Raleigh subculture…everything you need under one roof.

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