Raleigh Farmers Market

21 Mar


There’s something about getting outdoors in the hustle & bustle of a market atmosphere that lifts the spirits, especially when the weather is pleasant.  Today was no exception – I ventured to the Raleigh Farmers Market to see what new produce/plants were displayed with the official arrival of spring.  It wasn’t as buyer-busy as my first visit in October, but plenty of vendors were representing their trades to validate the trip.  The majority of produce here isn’t organic – but everything just looks more vivacious/green compared to its competitor in the fluorescent grocery store.  It also doesn’t hurt that the vendors are selling their products at reduced costs secondary to cutting out that middle man – prettier/healthier food & lower costs… I think all frugal foodies are hanging out here.

Today’s purchases included a big bag of assorted locally grown apples ($5), and several pastries from the German fellow set up in the open building.  So far, everything I’ve sampled has been of superb quality and worth the trip.

There are three restaurants present on the market grounds – I have not tried any of them but hear by local reputation you can get a hearty country breakfast at State Farmers Market Restaurant.

State Farmers Market on Urbanspoon

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