Foundation Bar

18 Mar

Mentioned in the NYTimes – this place is beyond relevant.

When someone says “made in-house” my heart flutters… you mean you care? – What a rarity.    Foundation Bar is such an exceptional establishment.  A barely detectable location via a red glow/reflection of their below ground neon sign – but once you find it, you’re not forgetting it.  First encounter was with an out-of-towner on a week night – the only two souls in the bar – which was an excellent setting to get to know the fellow behind the bar, perhaps the owner/manager – irrelevant really…but he knew their spirits and devotedly guided us through the menu (again, you care? wow).  What cocktails we had is old news now, considering the menu changes regularly but they were nothing less than amazing.  The ginger ale mixer is made in house which is evident in its red color and intense flavor – it was paired with dark rum, named the ‘tarheel’ perhaps?? Its my fav.  We also had a shooter-style cocktail made of sparkling wine, lemon/citrus, moonshine… sounds extreme but it was a fizzy delight.   Lastly, they usually have a crème / dessert cocktail incorporating dark liqueur, egg nog? Nutmeg?  Appropriately named “coffee & pie” last visit and so delicious – I could have one each night before bed…   Do your inner foodie a favor and get in this bar.
Foundation on Urbanspoon

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